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City Forms

At this time you are able to print a form - we do not have it set up to submit a form back to the City. We are still working on this option. Thank you for your patience.

Please submit your completed form and fee(s)  to the following address:
City of Twin Valley
P.O. Box 307
Twin Valley , MN 56584-0307
                  OR drop off at:
107 Second Street SW - Twin Valley during regular business hours.

You may also print, fill out, sign and email it back to us @ or . Another option is to fax it in - the number is:  218-584-5723. You are still responsible for the fees to be submitted for your application, they will not be issued until payment is received in the city office.

City Hall -- 107 2nd St SW, P.O. Box 307, Twin Valley, MN 56584 | 218.584.5254