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Normandy Apartments

The Normandy Apartments is a new addition to our community. This 16 unit assisted living apartment building is attached to the newly remodeled Lincoln Terrace (former Retirement Center) on Third Street NW.

The facility provides 16 - Two bedroom apartments, a large garage area with designated parking stalls, and a large community gathering area.

Each apartment has 2 bedrooms, kitchen & dining, living room, bath and storage area. 

For rental information contact:

Kris Kappes
201 Third St. NW
P.O. Box 480
Twin Valley, MN 56584

or contact:

Twin Valley Living Center-Main Office
208 Oppegard Avenue NW
P.O. Box 480
Twin Valley, MN 56584


107 2nd St SW, P.O. Box 307, Twin Valley, MN 56584 | 218.584.5254