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Twin Valley Heritage & Art Center

The Twin Valley Heritage & Art Center is located along Highway 32 just under the Twin Valley Water Tower.

The Heritage Center provides you with an opportunity to step back into the past of the local area with museum artifacts, history and information. 

The Twin Valley Heritage Center is a museum, information center and an Art Gallery featuring local artist - Gene Lysaker.


Museum Hours: Sunday - Saturday

New Hours:  12:30PM to 5:30 PM

The Twin Valley Heritage & Art Center is under the direction of the Twin Valley Heritage & Art Foundation board.

Check out Gene's website for information and pictures of his famous artwork at: 

(pending new site info)





Twin Valley Heritage & Art Center State Highway 32 104 First Street NE Twin Valley MN 56584
107 2nd St SW, P.O. Box 307, Twin Valley, MN 56584 | 218.584.5254