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Utility Payments

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The City of Twin Valley wants bill payments to be as quick and easy for customers as possible. That's why we offer several different payment methods and locations for paying your bill. If you have any questions about where or how to pay your bill, contact us by phone at 218-584-5254 or by e-mail at

When is my bill due?
Bills are due by the end of day on the last day of the month.  The due date is printed in the lower-right portion of your bill. If payment is not received by the date shown on the bill, you will be assessed a late charge of $15.00 and a shutoff notice will mailed along with your new billing.

Pay your bill in person at:
Twin Valley City Hall, 107-2nd Street SW Office Hours Monday - Thursday, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm and Fridays, 8 am – 11:30 am (excluding Holidays or otherwise posted)

Drop your payment off at:
Twin Valley City Hall - the silver spout on the wall - just outside of City Halls West door at 107-2nd Street SW Twin Valley, MN 56584

Mail your payment to:
City of Twin Valley
P.O. Box 307

Twin Valley, MN 56584

Have your bill paid automatically:
Sign up for our Automatic Payment Plan and have your bill automatically paid from your checking or savings account on the 10th of each month!

Pay your bill on-line:
You can pay your bill online using a credit card, debit card, or electronic check (subject to a processing fee). You can create an account or simply pay once using the "Pay Now" button. You will need to call City Hall for the Municipal Code PRIOR to setting up you online payment. 218-584-5254

The page you will be directed to will look similar to the image above.  Click here to access this now.

City Hall -- 107 2nd St SW, P.O. Box 307, Twin Valley, MN 56584 | 218.584.5254